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seat bag

small wheeled bicycle seat bag 255 unit price 24000JPY
small wheeled bicycle seat bag 285 unit price 24000JPY
small wheeled bicycle seat bag315 unit price 27000JPY
option both sides exterior pockets 2000JPY
seat bag guu-watanabe
seat bag guu-watanabe
can replace 1000JPY
from regular white color shoulder strap which is 25mm wide, non-adjustable
to colored shoulder straps,38mm wide length,adjustable
available colors are tan,black,olive
shoulder strap
shoulder strap
HongKong,Korea,Singapore,Taiwan,Thailand,Asia zone1;2100JPY
U.S.,Canada,Australie etc.zone2;3200JPY
France,Germany,EURO,U.K. zone3;3250JPY
South America,Africa zone4;4600JPY
carrier EMSJAPAN POST SERVICE Co.,Ltd speedy and safe,track the package
domestic delivery shipping free
add consumption Tax8% 1920JPY if you live in JAPAN

handmade tokyo ship to wein
moulton guu-watanabe larger photos
moulton guu-watanabe large photos,submitted by our customer
moulton guu-watanabe the customer in Singapore  color in tan January 2012 ,larger photo

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If you 're interested in leather bag we can make it in same design! In that case the cost is 47000JPY.made of genuine vege-tanned leather.

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