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Map to your customed bag shop

  • open hours
  • Sat.Sunday12:00-6:00PM
  • shop close:June26.27;July3.
  • Co.Ltd. guu-watanabe
    address:3-33-1 advance-ashizawa BLD. 1st. FL.
    kichijoji-minami-cho Musashino-city,Tokyo,Japan
  • zip code:180-0003
  • Telephone +81-422-40-9044
  • Mobile 080-6540-5207

google map

guu watanabe english map
note:seen street view is before business hour

  • when you use a taxi,would you please print?
  • our address card
  • If you walk from kichijoji station taking about 15 min.
  • guu watanabe english map
  • time table and route search web site
  • JOURAN Norikae-annai
  • If you take the train,you can see below
  • Get off train at Kichijoji.
  • Pass through Koen exit.
  • Koen exit is almost middle of the platform.
First you can see the sign
go down
after through this alley you could find MARUI
here,MARUI Kichijoji
Left direction
kichijoji tokyo
go straight:you can see
kichijoji tokyo
keep going straight : you can see
Your goal!our shop at the 1st floor
japan made bags guu-watanabe
new flag,yellow side,2017
japan handmade bags guu-watanabe
new flag,white side,2017

If you take limousine

From NARITA to KICHIJOJI Airport Limousine Airport Limousine counters are located in the arrival lobbies
(in front of the exit) of both Terminal 1 and 2.TIME TABLE
Kichijoji Airport Limousine Bus Stop
when you get off the bus ,you can see Kichijoji Airport Limousine Bus Stop
please look the right direction
you can see Tokyu Rei Hotel
kichijoji tokyo
tried drawing red arrows
kichijoji tokyo
keep going straight : you can see
guu-watanabe shop scene
you're goal!

*JR Nishiogikubo works for you here information

  • My name is watanabe shoichi
  • We are glad to see any customer.
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  • we are credit card member store
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  • our precious sewing machine(yakumo)
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  • Kichijoji Station takes 32 minutes from Akihabara station by JR.
  • Kichijoji Station takes 24 minutes from Shibuya station by KEIO INOKASHIRA.
  • JR kichijoji station
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